Data Capture & Analysis

A customer loyalty programme is only as good as the quality of the data that drives it.

Collecting customer views on a how they perceive an organisation’s products or services is crucial to the future success of the business as it:

  • Identifies where the business excels thereby opening up new opportunities to increase sales and attract new customers.
  • Addresses areas for service improvement that can increase customer loyalty and enhance profitability
  • Builds a greater understanding of customer’s needs and desires to improve the quality of your service
  • Allows customers to be more accurately targeted with pertinent and relevant communication that will help to expand business potential and identify new profitable market opportunities.

We have a wealth of experience in collecting quality data, analysing the information gathered and drawing meaningful conclusions in order to identify the most valuable customers, recognise what they require from the business and how best to satisfy their needs by enhancing their experience.

  • As customer satisfaction is our niche – our expertise means that we can look at your data objectively and interpret the results to draw meaningful conclusions for you
  • Outsourcing the responsibility for analysis of questionnaires means that it can remain a priority for your organisation whilst still enabling you to focus your internal resources on other in-house activities.
  • Greater accuracy of data as we are able to both scan and manually capture it.
  • Dedicated, flexible resources allows for the demands of the trading year.
  • Cost effective data capture and analysis will save valuable management time by providing a single document to read.
  • Your reports can be delivered to agreed time scales, which means that you get the information you want when you want it to enable you to be responsive to customer feedback.
  • Engaging an organisation that specialises in identifying areas for customer service improvements means that you can rely on the provision of accurate analysis.
  • Investment in engaging a specialist organisation shows a formal commitment to questionnaire analysis and a desire to enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Our sophisticated analysis package which can provide straightforward data as well as more detailed and specific information.
  • Because PM Management Consultants Ltd is a member of the Market Research Society you can feel reassured that our range of activities are given recognition and validation.

In addition to measuring and interpreting your performance, we can guide you in developing the appropriate strategic responses, whether organisational, or market-driven.